Carrying the Glory Altoona, PA Sep 9 - 10


Bonnie Floyd

Bonnie has a deep love and respect for God’s Word that is born out of her service as a teacher, group leader and minister of the Gospel for more than twenty-three years. Her powerful and dynamic messages bring the Scriptures alive to audiences of all ages and gender, and offer useful, practical ways to apply them to everyday living.

Sheryl Merritt

You will be delighted with her bold, fresh, humorous delivery of the Word. You will walk out uplifted, pointed toward your destiny, and may even receive revelation from the Throne Room.

Dr. Jerry Dotson

Dr. Jerry Dotson is an author, educator, mentor, and minister with a vision for building partnerships within the kingdom of God for over fifty years. He served as a senior pastor for thirty-five years and as a consultant for practical and advanced education for various denomination. He completed his masters degree under the tutelage of Dr. Peter Wagner and received his Doctorate of Ministry from Cornerstone Graduate School. He is the co-founder of Kingsbury Bible College who trains pastors and ministry leaders around the world. 

Lisa Hicks

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