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Workshop Presenters

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Dr. Carolyn Cecil

"Carolyn has a Doctor of Ministry from Kingsbury Bible college, and a Bachelor of Science from Madison College (JMU) in Harrisonburg, Va., with a double major in History and Social Science, and minors in English, Sociology, and Geography. Carolyn has been teaching in a variety of capacities since 1968. She was employed by Roanoke County Schools for 37 years, teaching at her local high and middle schools. Additionally, Carolyn teaches on many Christian subjects, but her favorites are the Work of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit Baptism.".

  The following classes will start at 1:30pm:

  • Tuesday:  "Understanding the Holy Spirit"

  • Wednesday:  "Baptism in the Holy Spirit"

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Ty Walker

"Ty is a filmmaker, farmer, entrepreneur and photographer with a passion for God. A native of Virginia, Ty graduated from James Madison University and traveled to California to work on staff for the SoCal School of Supernatural Ministry and the Pasadena International House of Prayer. He has traveled internationally filming documentaries such as “Clean water- Tajikistan”, “Al Saamindoon” highlighting the Kurdistan refugees in Iraq, and “100 Miles” chronicling the drive of 50 head of cattle 100 miles to a church and school to enable them to be self-sustaining. Ty’s current project is writing a curriculum for a spiritual and farm skills internship.  He resides in New Castle, Virginia with his wife and two small children."

  The following class will start at 1:30pm:

  • Tuesday:  "Street Evangelism"

Image by Arthur Miranda

Dr. Jerry Dotson

"Dr. Jerry Dotson has been an author, educator, mentor and minister with a vision for building partnerships within the Kingdom of God for over fifty years. He served as a senior pastor for thirty-five years and Director of Practical and Advanced Education for various denominations. He completed his Master’s degree under the tutelage of Dr. Peter Wagner and completed his Doctoral degree with Cornerstone Graduate School.  In 2008, he founded Kingsbury Bible College to provide biblical education in a means that was affordable and accessible. KBC has both national and international campuses and online education offerings. Today, he strives to encourage and connect ministries to build the Body of Christ internationally. 

Jerry and his wife, Karen, have five children and four grandchildren. Karen shares his passion for ministry and has a Doctorate in Ministry and a Master of Science in Nursing Leadership & Management."

  The following class will start at 1:30pm:

  • Wednesday:  "Prescription for                                       Change"

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